Features that make it easy  to conduct monitor & evaluations, project tracking, interviews, research, surveys, impact assessments & more

Mobile Data Collection

Build forms, ranging from the simple to complex, build surveys, inspection, audits, checklists, timesheets or any other custom form.

GEO Tagging

Tag data with latitude/longitude coordinates to identify where the data was collected

Instant Reporting & Graphics

You can generate graphics to analyze your data right in SAFRA, without the need to export the data to other tools.

Offline Data Capture

You can collect responses even when your team is out in the field, or remote region, without the internet or mobile connectivity.

Manage Your Team & Tasks

Choose who can do what within your field staff by assigning roles, tasks and forms for each team member.

Export to Use in Your Favorite Tool

You can export SAFRA's records in CSV or XLSX and process the data in the tool of your choice.

Monitor & Measure Projects Progress

Create your forms with target indicator plan to track/monitor your program’s progress and performance .

Engage Your Audience

Publish a shareable link of your form and receive records from anyone.

Fill Your Forms From The Computer

If your operation doesn't demand field data collection, you can fill the forms in your computer through a web browser.